Monday, July 10, 2017

10 reasons why you must use Quickbooks for your business

Quickbooks is by far the most popular accounting software from small and medium sized businesses. Developed and distributed by intuit, QuickBooks is an ideal accounting software for business owners.
Here are 10 reasons why you must use Quickbooks for your business.
1.      Save paperwork and book keeping: Quickbooks handles majority of bookkeeping tasks automatically saving you ton of precious time and paperwork. This allows you to focus more on your business rather than bookkeeping.
2.      Generate Reports on Demand: with Quickbooks for accounting, you can easily and quickly generate reports about your business and quickly evaluate where you stand.  These regular reports help you to determine whether your business is on right track or not.
3.      Save Money and Resources: Quickbooks allows you to do a job of a team of accountants with just a computer. You can save both valuable resources and money using Quickbooks- as it only costs few hundred dollars and entirely replaces your accounting section.
4.      Grow with Quickbooks: Quickbooks for accounting does not only allow you to simplify your business but also allows you to create a successful business plan. With a projected balance sheet, future growth predictions, profit and loss statements Quickbooks truly helps you to take you business to the next level.
5.      Highly Customizable: QuickBooks is extremely customizable when it comes to accounting. Whether you are a contractor, consultant, or a real estate agent, Quickbooks has everything to suit your needs.  Its highly flexible and adjustable software design makes it an ideal match for a variety of small and medium sized businesses.
6.      Trusted and Reliable: with Quickbooks assurance is guaranteed.  It is a stable, reliable and proven accounting system that never fails.  Quickbooks also has a vast user base and great support team to help you every step of the process.
7.      Say goodbye to errors: Quickbooks integrates with hundreds of popular business applications, which ensures a smooth operation of your business. You can safely say goodbye to errors as Quickbooks is excellent at detecting and correcting them.
8.      Accept Credit Cards and online payments: with Quickbooks merchant account, you can easily accept payments from your clients either via credit cards or via online bank transfers. No need to wait for your clients to send checks in the mail. Its SSL secure payment gateway services ensures that both you and your client’s details are safe.
9.      Take care of your expenses: Quickbooks makes it extremely easy to pay bills online or transfer money to your clients. You can too quickly and easily send payments, and track them with just a single click.
10.  Get paid Faster: Quickbooks for accounting also has a unique invoice system which lets their users directly send invoices via email. Their clients can quickly accept the invoice and pay via credit card, online banking or bank transfer.
Whether you are running a small business in your garage or running a multimillion dollar firm, Quickbooks is a must have software- for all your accounting needs.

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